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May 8, 2010


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Mike is a fantastic teacher!  He taught me the basic components and settings of my DSLR.  Once I had a strong foundation in the basics, Mike then began to coach me to develop an “Artist’s Eye.”  Suddenly, I was viewing the world around me through the lens of a camera and noticing light, shadows and elements of nature that I had never noticed before.  Mike’s passion for photography and art is so contagious, if you don’t love photography when you start your lessons, you will when you finish them!!

–  Liz Graham

Mike Burnside is one of the best photographers and mentors. His patience and creativity is indescribable. You will see things that you never noticed before!

– Darnetta Yusko

Mike is an awesome photographer, he took the time to explain the important aspects of taking pictures. I’ve gathered alot of new information from his workshop. I love taking pictures, but I am even more excited about doing so now because I have a better understanding of it!

– Susan Swerdon

Thanks so much for your workshop today. I had a great time, learned a lot and got an expanded appreciation of the possibilities of digital photography.

– David Green

I am available for private photography workshops – in the field.  I will accept groups up to three people, and each participant must have a digital SLR or a really good point & shoot.  My charge is $50 per hour, so if you bring one or two people with you, the $50 is divided among you as you see fit.  Because the workshops are in the field, I am limited by travel time, but I do not charge travel within a 50-mile radius of Harveys Lake, PA.  If you are farther away, contact me.  I am flexible as to location – a “natural” area is preferred, but so is a downtown or suburb.  Of course, I have my favorites.

My tutorials (beyond the basics) are somewhat biased by my interests, which are outdoor photography.  I do not do studio, interior or “event” tutorials.

Here is a flexible outline of what I try to cover.  It’s flexible, because we will agree on content prior to our workshop.

Technical aspects of TAKING pictures:

  • Exposure/ISO Settings
  • Depth of field/focus
  • The trade-off between shutter speed and aperture
  • Various on-camera settings – Auto, Program, Aperture/Shutter Priority, Scene Types, Flash, etc.
  • Lenses – macro, zoom, telephoto, etc.
  • Miscellaneous – Filters, Tripods, etc.

SEEING Photographically:

(Side note:  Someone who was recently looking at one of my pictures – drops of water on a blade of grass – said to me, “I’ve never SEEN anything like that before!”  I replied, “Yes you have, you just haven’t noticed.”)

  • Pre-visualization (or not!  Film is no longer cheap – it is free!  TAKE THE PICTURE!)
  • Black & White or Color?
  • Composition
  • Point of View

In the Computer:

  • “Post-processing” – Paintshop Pro, Photoshop, Picasa, Lightroom, etc.
  • Organizing Workflow – Picasa, Lightroom, Aperture
  • Sharing – Picasa, Flicker, Facebook, etc.
  • Printing – at home or with service providers

Most any of these topics could be enhanced by looking at the work of other photographers – local or world-renowned, for which I could provide some guidance.  Over time, if you stick with your photography, you will converge on a niche or style which especially interests you.  I have a very good friend with whom I go out a couple of times a month just to shoot.  We’ll end up in the same place and each take 100 or more images and you’d NEVER KNOW we were in the same place – they are SO different.  We each have a very clear understanding of what “we are trying to do,” and they’re very different, but we can always find something that works for us, wherever we happen to be – inner city, forest trail, or anything in between.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs!

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