Burnside Photographic "The question is not what you look at, but what you see." – Henry David Thoreau

January 26, 2013

Mixed Dozen

On the River

So Phil and I went out for a ride today and did some shooting, but when I got home and looked, the images were all over the lot.  I had some cats, some cows, landscapes, a gang of snow men, close ups – a real mixed bag.

Hence the title. You go into a donut shop to buy a bag of donuts and ask for a “mixed dozen.” That way you get some you like, some you don’t and maybe a few surprises.

December 4, 2011

Afternoon Light at Hillside

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Gate to the Past

On a cold December morning, a certain ennui can set in.  One sure way to cure it is to get out into the world and take some pictures.  But where to go?

Having depleted my supply of breakfast pastries, I decided to go to Hillside, where there are always opportunities for photographs, and usually a supply of sticky buns.  I came up empty on the latter, but was rewarded by the late afternoon light and the company of various beasts, including the usual chicken and sheep, a blue-eyed alpaca, a duck in fancy dress, and my all-time favorite resident, Lulu the one-eyed cat.  No need to feel sorry for Lulu – she is quite agile and loved by everyone she meets.

And the light was magical.

November 30, 2010

Shot of the Day

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SONY DSC (Frank Burnside)

Scarface the Cat

“Are we done yet?  I has naps to take.” – S. Miller

Scarface has mastered the art of the easy life.  Everyone should have such a presence in their home.

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