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June 9, 2011

Storm on the Lake

Strike One!

One of the joys of living on a lake is to watch an occasional thunderstorm approach.  Such was the case late this afternoon.  I was sitting on the dock absorbed in the weekly New Yorker, when the wind picked up and I heard a distant rumble of thunder far away over Sorber Mountain.  Pretty soon, things were getting interesting, and I moved the chair just inside the sliding glass door to the dock and grabbed the camera.  Very shortly thereafter, I was rewarded with my very first successful attempt to capture a decent streak of lightning on “film.”

What I find fascinating about watching a storm is its effect on the water.  The wind creates strange patterns of texture and light, enhanced when the rain starts.  Colors change too – eerie greens and yellows emerge.  The far end of the lake all but disappeared.  A duck strolled by (Do ducks stroll?), seemingly unperturbed by all the hubbub.  When the hail began, I worried a bit about the duck, but apparently hail bounces off a duck’s back just like water.

After a while, the skies mostly cleared, the wind dropped as did the temperature, and there was a mildly rewarding sunset, which both the duck (Surely it was the same duck!) and I enjoyed..

November 30, 2010

Shot of the Day

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SONY DSC (Frank Burnside)

Scarface the Cat

“Are we done yet?  I has naps to take.” – S. Miller

Scarface has mastered the art of the easy life.  Everyone should have such a presence in their home.

November 3, 2010

Shot of the Day

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The Last Survivors

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