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May 3, 2015

Milford Again

We went to Milford, PA to go to the Gifford Pinchot mansion – Grey Towers – but it doesn’t open until Memorial Day! Not to worry, Milford is a wonderful town to visit, especially if you’re a photographer! These are NOT postcard pictures, which abound in Milford, but rather more intimate details, which could be most anywhere!

November 4, 2012

Devil’s Den

General Warren Surveys the Field from Little Round Top

In all the times I’ve been to Gettysburg, I’ve never been to Devil’s Den. Saturday was a perfect day to go – chilly and bleak, but no haze to speak of.  I won’t go into the history of Little Round Top or Devil’s Den here, but if you want to read about it, here’s a good quick read. All you really need to set the scene with these images is that the first one is General Warren surveying the battle field from Little Round Top, and the second is what he saw (without the road, of course). Devil’s Den is the distant rock outcropping to the left of the two prominent pine trees near the center of the scene.  (You might want to click the little icon at the lower right corner to view in full screen.)

The next image is from the road looking back up at Little Round Top, and the remaining images are at Devil’s Den.  The first of these (image 4), is of historical interest in that it is the site of Alexander Gardner’s famous but controversial shot of a Confederate sharpshooter.  You can read about it here, and you will see that it looks much the same today (without the sharpshooter, of course).

Yes, they are black and white.  My friend Phil says, “If color isn’t the subject, then the image should be black and white.”  I don’t usually agree with him, but in this case it seemed to fit.

April 12, 2011

Scenes of Milford

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Continuing on our U.S. Route 6 excursions, this past Saturday we headed east.  Milford, Pennsylvania is a nice town – artsy and upscale in many ways.  When one gets off the main drags, there are many charms.

I’m always mystified when I go up that way.  Milford is so much different from Matamoras, just a few miles away and right on the Delaware, and Port Jervis, just across the river in New York.  It makes you wonder how towns evolve.

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