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October 13, 2013

Lacawac Big Lake Trail

Lake Wallenpaupack

Lacawac comprises 545 acres of mostly wooded landscape and a mile-long shoreline of Lake Wallenpaupack. Lacawac also has its own lake, which is its principal claim to fame – Lake Lacawac – a 52 acre lake that is one of the southernmost glacial lakes in the hemisphere that has been preserved in pristine condition totally free from development or encroachment.

Thus “Big Lake” Trail is so named because it leads down to the shore of Lake Wallenpaupack, past some pretty remarkable topography and, of course, little things that delight the hiker.

October 12, 2013

Hairy Rocks

White Matter

While wandering down to the shore of Lake Wallenpaupack on The Big Lake Trail at Lacawac, I noticed a narrow strip of rocks that seemed to have a lighter color than the rest of the shore, which is quite broad now due to the low water level. It occurred to me that it marked the high water line, although I never did figure out its origin.

I did, however, find it an interesting subject!  Hope you agree.

ps: If you’ve never been to Lacawac, I highly recommend a visit!  (Be aware that the trails are closed during hunting season, except for Sundays.)  Stop at the visitors center on the way in and pick up a trail map.  www.lacawac.org

September 11, 2013

A Few from Lacawac

Heron Pond

I had an hour or so before a board meeting at Lacawac Sanctuary today, so I went for a walk on the Big Lake Trail.

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