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July 8, 2015

Wet Walk in Hickory Run State Park

Along the Shades of Death trail. Trail head is right on the park headquarters parking lot – Well worth it!

December 16, 2011

Hickory Run

Hickory Run

A trip to the Apple Store in Whitehall (my third within a week), suggested a stop off at Hickory Run State Park, one of the largest in Pennsylvania.  On a whim, I called Cousin Rob, who knows the place intimately as a former Park Ranger.  This was a good idea!  Although our time was limited, Rob introduced me to the head guy, the affable Dave Madl, and showed me the old cemetery, wherein lie the victims of the flash flood of Halloween, 1849.  One family lost four children in the flood, caused by a poorly constructed dam and excessive logging. (See image 4.) Of course we also had to go to the Boulder Field, a truly unique geological formation consisting of over 30 acres of nothing but boulders.

The park is a part of many facets of the region’s history, partly owing to its location along the Lehigh River, and offers unparallelled natural assets.  All of this is too much to summarize herein, and you may confidently expect more on this destination from these pages in the future!

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