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August 2, 2013

Crystal Lake Up Close

Crystal Lake

Somehow I just can’t resist moving in on a subject. I have an obsessive fascination with the details, especially when they’re moving. Grand, scenic views are wonderful, but too many people walk away from them without a closer look.

Not that it matters, but if you look closely at some of these images, you can see the photographer at work – er, at play!

August 1, 2013

Little Things Along the Way


Part two of my walk to Crystal Lake – little (interesting) things along the way.

Walking to Crystal Lake

The Way to Crystal Lake

A good friend clued me in to a walking route to Crystal Lake, which lies just south of Wilkes-Barre. About five miles round trip, it’s an easy walk, because it’s virtually flat, albeit at a high altitude. ┬áThe beginning of the walk passes by some beautiful gardens and then continues into incredibly dense scrublands on both sides of the path.

I have so many images from the walk, I’m dividing it into three collections – the walk, the lake, and the (generally small) interesting things along the way. ┬áThis is the first installment.

n.b.: There are two panoramas in this collection, and to see them in their entirety, click on the little full-screen icon on the lower right corner of the slide show.

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