The Last Breaker

Huber Breaker, Ashley, PA

The Huber Breaker, in Ashley, Pennsylvania, is the last anthracite coal breaker still standing in Wyoming Valley.  There’s a movement afoot to save it, and I hope it can be done, but it will be a monumental job. One’s first impression of the site and the buildings is one of ugly decay, but with a little imagination, there’s a certain beauty to be found.

It was part of the Glen Alden Coal Company, famous for its “Clean Burning Blue Coal.”

About Frank Burnside

I have been taking pictures for about 40 years, using formats from sub-35mm to 4x5, and now digital. Through my photography, I attempt to find the images that people may often see at a glance but never truly notice. My photography tends to be abstract work grounded in nature.  I am interested in getting people to see things in ways that they have not before.  I am Executive Director of the Cultural Council of Luzerne County and lives at Harveys Lake, Pennsylvania.
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3 Responses to The Last Breaker

  1. Faulkner says:

    Call me crazy, but these I’d love to see in color…the B&Ws are, however, fine!

  2. Will Sgarlat says:

    These pics are historical. These are lovely portraits of a “beauty” long past her prime.

  3. You’ve been on a roll with all these photos at various locations this past month!

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