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January 29, 2012

Leaves and Ice

Look a Little Closer!

Philadelphia has the Flower Show, New York has the Boat Show, Vegas has the Consumer Electronics Show, but Harveys Lake, PA has the one and only Leaves and Ice Extravaganza!  Most people, when they see an icy stream running through a forest, may think “pretty,” but if they’d just look a little closer, they’d be blown away.

Out West

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Not Your Basic Western Silo

Most weeks, I’ll pick up Phil on a Saturday or Sunday and we’ll head out on a road trip.  If it’s a Saturday, we’ll listen to the Met Opera broadcast on WVIA-FM.  This time of year, when it still gets dark pretty early, we’re limited to two hours out and two hours back.  This means that we tend to cover a lot of the same territory.  We don’t pre-plan the course – we just follow our noses – or our instincts.

Today, Phil got in the car and said, “Where’re we goin’?”  Something made me say, “West.”

“West it is,” says he.  So we went west.  The Met was doing Tosca, which I’m guessing is on both our Top 10 lists.  Life is good.  Bravissimo!

January 22, 2012


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Sometime around Thanksgiving, I received in the mail an Amaryllis.  Not many people who know me well would think to send me an amaryllis, but I was delighted.  I was also apprehensive, as my experience with indoor plants is, well, limited.  Nonetheless, I read the directions from Whiteflower Farms with care and was relieved to find that my new charge was quite low-maintenance. “Water sparingly only when the surface feels dry to the touch.” It also suggested that she would prefer to be a little warm, like perhaps on top of a refrigerator, where the warmth of the motor would be sufficient.  This was a bit of a concern, since my place is not…, well, it’s just not warm in the winter, there’s no other way to say it.

But I didn’t want to put Amaryllis way up there on top of the fridge – it’s too high and too dark.  So I decided to put her on top of the gas stove on the porch, where the pilot light would be just enough.  I spend a LOT of time on the porch.  It’s nice and light and warms up quick.  I am not so dumb as to leave her on the stove when it’s turned on, and having to move her would remind me to check for the dryness.  When I took her out of the box (She came in her own pot.), all I could see was about an inch-high green shoot poking through the faux-straw layer on the surface, so I put her on the stove, checked for dryness, and went about my day.

The next morning, there was a tad more green to be seen as I moved her from the stove to a little side table so I could warm the place up for what passes in my home for breakfast, and on the next day there was a little more…  So I decided to document her life.  Amazingly, she thrived.  Today, I decided it was time for the show.  One of her five (Count ’em, FIVE!) glorious red blossoms is now pretty obviously past its prime, and I suppose it won’t be long before I have to lop everything off, put her back in the box, and hope to resurrect her next Thanksgiving.

She has given me daily pleasure, greeting me every morning for nearly two months, which is a pretty nice gift.  And herein I give her to you.  There are 26 images in her compressed life in this show, but I have doubled the speed, so here, in one minute and 18 seconds (on my computer – your results may vary), is the life of Amaryllis.

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