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September 23, 2010

Campbell’s Ledge Redux

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SONY DSC Wilkes-Barre RiverFest 2010 (Frank Burnside/www.burnsidephotographic.com)For those not familiar with Campbell’s Ledge, it is, perhaps, the most prominent natural landmark in Wyoming Valley. It is popularly named after an early settler (Campbell) who, finding himself pursued by Indians, encountered the ledge and chose to ride over it to his (and his horse’s) certain death rather than be captured. This is the stuff of legends. What is slightly more certain is that the Indians referred to it as “Dial Rock,” because the changing shadow of the ledge marked the passage of time and the seasons.

Ever since I was a young man, I have wanted to get to the top of it, and a few years ago, a little research gave me the necessary information to make an attempt. My first ascent was significant in many ways, and I have since been back twice, most recently earlier this week, along with my son, Michael. The resulting slide show is not so much about the view from the top, which is probably the best land-based view of the Valley in existence, but rather the wonders to be seen along the way. Rest assured that there IS one shot from the top, but as a wise man said (I think), “It’s not the destination, but the journey.”

The slide show starts with a view of our destination from across the Susquehanna, taken last spring, and ends with a graffiti-filled rock outcropping near the base of the ledge, about a three mile trek from the summit.

Campbell’s Ledge Redux – Images by Frank Burnside

September 12, 2010

Hunting Lions

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Hunting Lions – Images by Frank Burnside

I had the occasion recently to spend the better part of a day wandering around Manhattan.  I had the point-and-shoot in hand, my weapon of choice for the streets of the Big Apple.  I found I was not alone!  There were many people with similar weapons, many of them hunting lions, with Patience and Fortitude.  It occurred to me that shooting the shootists might make an interesting day, and I present you with the results.  There were an abundance of hunters, so I have tightened up a bit on the cycle time through the images.

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